Cerec Crowns

Cerec crowns are single appointment crowns that are made of full porcelain. This specific porcelain material allows them to look better in appearance and be as strong as other types of crowns. Because they are full porcelain you do not have the color problems that usually accompany most crowns, such as black edges or colors being too solid and unnatural.

A digital impression with our acquisition unit is taken after the tooth is properly shaped.  This allows for a clean impression where you no longer have to bite into putty for 5 minutes.  The acquisition unit eliminates messy impressions or the sending of impressions to a lab that take weeks to come back.  A block of porcelain with the correct shade is chosen and then placed into the milling unit for a crown to be made in one visit.  No more need to have ill fitting and poorly colored temporary crowns that may come off while you wait for the permanent crown to come back.

The Cerec along with the CT Scanner allows for the proper diagnosis and treatment planning of implants. Along with the fabrication of custom guides for accurate implant placement based on the best long term results.

Only available at our Zeeland location.