Dental cleanings performed by our dental hygienist are a form of preventative treatment for your teeth. Along with semi-annual checkups, regular dental cleanings are essential to good oral health. Routine brushing and flossing cannot always remove all traces of these substances.

Scaling of the teeth and  teeth polishing to further clean and whiten the teeth is a way to prevent periodontal disease. There are situations where a great deal of tartar, through saliva, plaque and debris, may build up, requiring debridement. Dental instruments used by hand and ultrasound electric instruments will be used in this type of procedure in order to perform the most effective teeth cleaning.

Regular professional dental cleanings can help prevent major cardiovascular health complications like myocardial infarction (heart attack) and stroke. There is a direct connection between the bacteria that build up plaque on our teeth and the bacteria associated with the “other” plaque, that which accumulates on the walls of our cerebral and coronary arteries.   Keeping our teeth free from plaque will help keep that same bacteria from gaining entrance into our arteries and ultimately help prevent heart attacks and strokes.